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Whether you are an individual or a business looking for IT solutions, ITHive.org provides membership solutions and custom packages that fit your needs. Below is a full list of services that can be part of a package or simply available on it’s own.

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ITHive.org Membership (Workstation or Server)

Your membership is a basic service and all supported systems must have one. We use specially licenced software that ensures that we know about any hardware or software issues that are occurring on your computer. We include professional and secure remote support tools that gives you timely help when you need it. These services provide an informed and convenient support to our customers.

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Managed Antivirus powered by Webroot

One million new threats are introduced every day. Experience has taught us that the most common activity these threats will work to achieve first, is to disable your protection. Our protective solution continuously reports on the status of your technology and software. Any threats are detected immediately and we can deal with the issue right away.

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Managed Off Site Backups

Nothing beats a good backup solution to protect you. When all else fails at least you have a backup of your critical data. Once this solution is setup we make sure it is working for you. If it is not, we are working to resolve the issue. All to often people find out their backups are no good when they need them. Never loose data again.

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How it Works

Technology can sometimes be frustrating when it does not work properly, ITHive.org takes the time to make sure you understand what is happening with your computers and servers. Below is a graphic that explains how we manage two different situations. The first being, when a customer notices an issue with their computers, the second when ITHive.org notices an issue with your computer and how these issues are resolved.

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Most common types of issues

Over the years ITHive.org have been assisting individuals, small businesses and enterprise. Here are some scenarios where you would call your IT Service Representative. We always want to hear from you and invite you to ask questions if you experience issues with your technology.

Health Issues – Hard Drive Failure.

This is where all your data is stored and these devices do not last forever. Very often (not always) the hard drive will report issues and our system will automatically open a support ticket on your behalf. Your Service Representative will call you and support you through the process of resolving this issue.

Security Issues – Protection Failure.

Your system is protected with Webroot’s security solution. Most of the time issues are resolved automatically and we keep an eye on that. Sometimes however issues arise that cause your defences to be compromised. If this were to occur your Service Representative will call you and guide you through the process to resolving the issue.

Data Protection Issues – Backup Failed.

Today backup is your best and often the one thing that saves you in a moment of crisis. Sometimes things can occur to cause your backup not to work. You have worked with your Service Representative to define what must be protected on your system. If that protection deviates from the normal your Service Representative will call you and help you resolve the issue.

I need some training.

You will email this request to your Service Representative outlining the questions and subject matter that you would like to learn about. Your Service Representative will then design a custom online course for you that will address your questions. You will then get an invite to book a training session at a time that works for you.

My computer is not running properly.

Sometime computers can experience performance issues. This is one of the more complex problems to solve as there could be any number of causes. When you have reported this issue to us we can immediately rule out several causes, and can identify the likely issues. Once again your Service Representative will work with you to resolve the issue.

I need to buy technology.

Buying a technology, you can end up with something that does not meet your needs or that you will never use. When you have at least one device with a Membership you can get, help purchasing the technology that you need. Your Service Representative will setup an online meeting and you will shop directly on our supplier’s website. The only thing you pay for is our time. We do not markup the products that you are purchasing and they get shipped directly to you.

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